Policy Breakfast 2018 Materials & Documents

Thank you for joining OPEN's 2018 Policy Breakfast! Click the links below for resources, materials and more:


• Program Agenda & Speakers

• About the Education Policy Fellowship Program

• Nominate an EPFP Fellow

• Breakfast Evaluation

• New Orleans Equity Index Report: Executive Summary/Two-Pager

• New Orleans Equity Index Report


EPFP 2017-18 Presentations

• Ashley Daniels-Hall and Robyn Madison-Harris, Accountability for All: Revamping Accountability to Accurately Appraise All Schools

• J. Célèste Kee, PhD, Bringing Back the Arts: A Policy Pathway to Equitable Arts Education in New Orleans
Presentation | Policy Brief


Panel I, Accountability Frameworks in Nontraditional Settings

• Louisiana Department of Education Alternative Education Study Group Report

• Letter from C.F. Rowley Alternative School Principal Andree Bonnaffons


Panel II, Oversight in a Unified School District

• Presentation: Dina Hasiotis, Overview of OPSB's Charter School Accountability Framework


Panel III, Updates from School Discipline to Juvenile Justice Policy

• Presentation: Florentina Staigers, 2017 Discipline Legislation

• Reality of Suspension Campaign Film