SB 78

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This law adds the term “behavior analyst” to the definition of “behavior health provider” and “evaluator”. Further includes “applied behavior analysis” in the definition of “behavioral health services”.

HB 320

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Currently, law prohibits a public school governing authority from denying student access to behavioral health service providers at school during school hours if requested by the student’s parent or legal guardian. The proposed law would add “applied behavioral analysis provider” to the definition and requires the public school governing authority to make their policies publicly available.

SB 132

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Establishes a systemwide needs program for Orleans Parish school system. The school system would be funded by allocating money per total students in OPSB ($120/ student or $5.7 million dollars), but schools would have access through a competitive process. Potential for inequitable distribution of equitably collected public money.

HB 517

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Requires public school governing authorities to adopt policies regarding the assessment, collection, and use of fees charged to students in elementary and secondary schools or their parents or legal guardians. Requires schools participating in the voucher program to identify all fees paid with voucher funds and provide certain information about fees to the parents or legal guardians of voucher students. Increases financial transparency.

HB 100

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Authorizes school boards (by majority vote) to reestablish their membership with between 5 and 15 members or the number presently authorized for that school board. The new part of law is that they can choose which standard to use (5-15 OR number presently authorized) instead of using whichever is greater.

HB 430

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Authorizes a $1,000 annual, refundable tax credit for eligible certified full-time teachers who have been employed as certified teachers for three consecutive years as well as members of the teaching staff at eligible early childhood education facilities.


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Provides for legislative approval of the minimum foundation program (MFP) formula for fiscal year 2019- 2020 to determine the cost of a minimum foundation program of education in all public elementary and secondary schools as well as to equitably allocate the funds to local public school systems as developed by BESE.

HB 266

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Removes requirements for summer remediation programs related to poor student progression and requires that pupil progression plans be made publicly available.

HB 167

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Regarding criminal history, applies certain requirements for certification and employment of teachers and other school employees only to those who have been convicted of certain offenses instead of those who have been either convicted or pled nolo contendere (accepting conviction without admitting guilt) to such offenses.