HB 261

Bill Purpose:
Allows juveniles to be prosecuted for illegal handgun possession even if they don’t have the gun directly on their person.

Bill Sponsor:
DuBuisson (R)

Criminal Justice

OPEN Comments:
The intent behind this bill is to allow juveniles in possession of handguns to still be prosecuted even if the gun isn’t on their person and is instead in their locker or car or a similar situation. However, OPEN expresses concern about criminalizing juveniles, especially considering the way this bill may be used to send more Black and brown youth to prison.

Link to Digest:

Current Status:
Pending House Administration of Criminal Justice

OPEN Position:

Committee Hearing Date:
This bill will not be heard until the special session.

Who’s Involved:
This bill was brought forward by the St. Tammany Parish DA’s office.

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