Louisiana Education Issues: Top 10 for 2017

With a state budget crisis and severe threats to vital public services still looming, Louisiana’s education systems are at a crossroad – they will either continue to think and improve or take giant steps backward. In many respects, the economic growth and development that is a product of education and which drives the quality of life and well-being of our families and children is being threatened. This publication is both a study and a conversation about the ten education issues that are currently shaping the future of Louisiana. Our aim is to better inform legislators, policymakers, educators, parents, business leaders, and community leaders about Louisiana’s most important education policies, practices, and trends.

This report examines the progress and challenges of our most important education issues through three lenses:

  • SECTION 1: ISSUE OVERVIEW – This section frames the issue at a national level and outlines the key themes, major trends and what is happening on the public policy level. This section also provides a basic understanding of the historical context, research and other factors influencing the topic.
  • SECTION 2: STATE OF THE STATE – This section frames the Louisiana context for each issue. It specifically outlines any descriptive statistics, current progress, or efforts underway within Louisiana.
  • SECTION 3: WHAT’S NEXT FOR LOUISIANA – This section summarizes specific policy action or considerations that should influence our next steps in advancing each issue in our state.

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