Louisiana EPFP 2016 Policy Briefs

The inaugural Louisiana Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) cohort completed their journey with the presentation of comprehensive policy initiatives looking to the future of the state’s school system.

The EPFP journey took the Fellows through ten months of intensive policy, leadership, and networking development. Monthly topic colloquiums, the Washington, D.C. policy seminar, and insight from a wide assortment of local, state, and federal guest speakers provided a space to debate and discuss the field’s most critical issues.

As a program capstone, the cohort selected, researched, and developed briefs on three specific policy initiatives as the most salient to Louisiana’s education landscape. They are:

Willing Professionals + RESPECT = Prepared Teachers and Successful Students

Sherdren Burnside, Dr. Lisa Green-Derry, Brionne Stewart, and Adrian Todd

The Louisiana School Choice Parent Dilemma: When Public School is Not a Viable Option

Susan Kahn and Zakenya P. Neely

School Discipline Reform: Interrupting the School to Prison Pipeline

Brian Adams, Dr. Marsha Broussard, Lisa French, Dr. Lisa Green-Derry, and Sara Massey