New Orleans Media Visit with the Family Leadership Training Institute

“Getting publicity for a good cause is one of the hardest parts of being a grassroots leader, and I appreciated these journalists taking the time to give us tips. But I’m concerned that so many of the people reporting on education in this city aren’t fully engaging with the community, aren’t reaching viewpoints on all sides of the story. There’s a cultural context to these issues that goes beyond ‘just the facts.’ It’s my hope that this meeting was the start of a continued conversation — both for FLTI leaders to get their message out there, and for the local media to bring authentic, local parent voices into what they write.” — Lamont Douglas, FLTI Parent Leader

As part of their “understanding the media” session, the Family Leadership Training Institute were treated to a January panel session with Eve Abrams of WWNO, Steve Beatty of The Lens, and Danielle Dreilinger of the Times-Picayune/

In this lively hour-long discussion, the presenters talked about the importance of narrative, how to successfully pitch a story, and the unique angles that parents provide for education journalism.

Many thanks to these media professionals — the parent leaders truly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and advice!