The History of New Orleans Public Education

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“The surest way to destroy [the] usefulness [of public schools]… would be to countenance the idea that they are a public charity, designed only for the poor.”—J. Baldwin, President of the Council of the Second Municipality, “Public Schools of New Orleans,” 1843The History of Public Education in New Orleans (HOPE) is a full-length documentary feature […]

Community Engagement Participatory Research for Quality Schools in New Orleans

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This report describes the results of an initial pilot of the Community Engagement Participatory Research Study supported through the Orleans Public Education Network to build an informed and cohesive civic voice for high quality education in New Orleans.The pilot study was conducted between January through July 2009 and consisted primarily of focus groups with key […]

The People’s Agenda

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OPEN is proud to present The People’s Agenda, a report that highlights the New Orleans community’s priorities for the future of public schools and outlines a set of strategic policy and programmatic initiatives to achieve this vision. The report began with OPEN’s ONE STEP campaign, a ten-month outreach and event series that was the first […]

PRESS RELEASE: OPEN Calls for Community Process to Determine Local Control of Schools

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Democracy’s strength lies in the ability of people to understand and participate in the decisions that affect them, their families and their society. —Taking Responsibility: Using Public Engagement to Reform our Public Schools The Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN) was collectively awed and pained by the October 14th public hearing on the State Superintendent’s recommendation. […]

Rev. Torin Sanders, Ph.D.: Ensuring Equity & Excellence

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Ensuring Equity & Excellence: A response to the BGR/Cowen report on school governance and Sanders Governance Plan By Rev. Torin T. Sanders, Ph.D. / New Orleans Agenda / Contributing Writer NEW ORLEANS (5/24/10) – As a former president of the Orleans Parish School Board, a current parent of a child enrolled in public school, and […]

MEDIA ADVISORY: Orleans Public Education Network Presents What Works and Why? Public Schools in New Orleans (Part I – Elementary Grades)

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Orleans, LA: The Orleans Public Education Network, a collaborative of organizations committed to serving as a catalyst for broad and diverse civic engagement in shaping the future of public education, will host the first of a three part forum series, What Works and Why? Public Schools in New Orleans on Thursday, […]