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Why The data is clear. Studies show that schools with engaged caregiver communities produce students who:
Get better grades • Stay in school • Achieve in life
What P.L.U.S. equips parents with the tools and knowledge to become:
Advocates for their children • Changemakers in their schools • Leaders in their communities
How A ten-week program for school-based parent groups covering topics like: Leadership skills • Navigating school systems • Direct advocacy • Strategic alliance-building • & more!
Schools get a strong base that will ADVOCATE for all students, COLLABORATE to solve inequities, and PARTNER with communities for wraparound support

How it Works

Mission & Vision

A school system where all parents are intentionally engaged in their child’s education and have meaningful opportunities to participate in school decisions and advocate for children’s needs. The PLUS professional development program trains parent groups to work together, support their child’s school, and effectively advocate for all students.

Program Goals

1. Parents are engaged in their child’s school through a mutually respectful and collaborative relationship with the school community
2. Parent groups are organized for effective problem-solving, advocacy and outreach
3. Parents develop partnerships and networks with the school’s internal and external communities to attract and maintain resources for the school

Sample Curriculum

Retreat: Creating a Positive School Community
Session I: Parents as Leaders
Session II: Parent– Teacher Partnerships
Session III: School and community asset mapping
Session IV: Be the Change: How to work within and upon systems
Session V: The ABCs & 123s of School Operations
Session VI: Fundraising for Effectiveness: How to get the support students need
Session VII: Sustaining Change: Roles & Responsibilities of a Parent Teacher Organization
Session VIII: Building Momentum: The Power of Family-to-Family Outreach
Session IX: Planning for Service


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