Special Education Advocacy: Expert Q&A with Brittney, Victor and Rana

As part of Parents' Night Out 2017, we spoke with a wide range of experts, advocates and parents (some of whom are all three at once!) about navigating the New Orleans school system.

Special education can be one of the most challenging areas for families to effectively navigate. Between the alphabet soup of jargon (IEP, IAP, FAPE, IDEA), limited resources, and systemic bias against exceptional learners, parents are often frustrated in the process of getting kids the support they need.

Check out the bite-sized clips below to get answers to the important questions: a legal perspective from education attorney (and former kindergarten teacher!) Victor Jones, a school perspective from ReNEW Schools' Student Support Director Brittney Robins, and a parent advocate perspective from Rana Ottallah of the Louisiana Advocacy Center.

What are the steps to obtaining special education services in New Orleans?
How can predetermined biases hurt special needs students?
What's the difference between an IEP and an IAP?
What can parent advocates do to get the system's attention?
How long are students eligible to receive special education support?
What are some useful tools and resources for special ed advocates?
What common obstacles do parents need to know about?