New Interactive EDI Data Map Now Available!

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OPEN is proud to present this new and updated data map covering critical child development metrics for over 65% of New Orleans’ 5-year-olds. EDI data collection is rolling out again this year — will you join the mission of supporting New Orleans’ youngest learners? Are you a school or charter leader? Click here to become a 2017 Early Development […]

Louisiana Education Issues: Top 10 for 2017

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With a state budget crisis and severe threats to vital public services still looming, Louisiana’s education systems are at a crossroad – they will either continue to think and improve or take giant steps backward. In many respects, the economic growth and development that is a product of education and which drives the quality of […]

Louisiana EPFP 2016 Policy Briefs

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The inaugural Louisiana Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) cohort completed their journey with the presentation of comprehensive policy initiatives looking to the future of the state’s school system. The EPFP journey took the Fellows through ten months of intensive policy, leadership, and networking development. Monthly topic colloquiums, the Washington, D.C. policy seminar, and insight from […]

Classroom Management: A Guide for Teachers

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Classroom management is the process by which teachers and schools create and maintain positive behavior of students in learning settings with the purpose of enhancing students’ academic skills and competencies, as well as their social and emotional development. Effective teachers use management not to control student behavior, but to influence and direct it in a […]

Cultural Competence in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers

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As the country is becoming increasingly diverse, so are today’s classrooms. Teachers need to have the knowledge and skills to connect with students of all backgrounds. A teacher who is responsive to the unique differences among students and can provide an environment of respect and reciprocity can have a profound effect on student success. Recognizing the […]

Visions, Values and Voice – A Social Communications Toolkit

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Check it out — a guide to making waves for your cause from our friends at the Opportunity Agenda, featuring super-powered justice advocate Helvetika Bold! The word “communications” is a necessarily broad term, referring to a range of different strategies and activities. In the social justice world we communicate about issues, big ideas, specific policies, organizations, […]

Advocacy Toolkit

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OPEN’s Policy Toolkit is a hands-on guide to championing your cause to local officials. Get step-by-step advocacy tips, sample language for letters and tweets, useful communication tactics and much more. Think that you can’t change the world? Think again. With this handy guide, advocating for your cause is both easy and effective. Click here to download!

State of the Young Child in New Orleans: EDI Neighborhood Profiles

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The Ready, Set, Go! team is pleased to announce the latest EDI Neighborhood Profiles, a series of documents outlining early childhood development data in 44 New Orleans neighborhoods. The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a population measure of how kindergarten age children are developing in communities, measuring five areas of early childhood development: • Physical health […]

State of the Young Child in New Orleans: EDI Community Profile 2013

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It’s important for children to enter kindergarten prepared to respond to and take advantage of the school experience. Understanding the extent to which neighborhood level conditions help or hinder early childhood development can help policymakers and neighborhood leaders identify where to direct efforts to optimize school readiness. EDI data can provide the ammunition that community […]