Louisiana Education Issues: Top 10 for 2017

With a state budget crisis and severe threats to vital public services still looming, Louisiana’s education systems are at a crossroad – they will either continue to think and improve or take giant steps backward. In many respects, the economic growth and development that is a product of education and which drives the quality of Read more about Louisiana Education Issues: Top 10 for 2017[…]

Louisiana EPFP 2016 Policy Briefs

The inaugural Louisiana Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) cohort completed their journey with the presentation of comprehensive policy initiatives looking to the future of the state’s school system. The EPFP journey took the Fellows through ten months of intensive policy, leadership, and networking development. Monthly topic colloquiums, the Washington, D.C. policy seminar, and insight from Read more about Louisiana EPFP 2016 Policy Briefs[…]

An OPEN Letter to Orleans Parish School Board: Differentiated Funding, Equity, and Accountability

Friends of OPEN,Today, the Orleans Parish School Board will take up the matter of approving a differentiated funding formula for New Orleans as called for in Act 467. While there is much debate about this particular policy, there are four considerations I would hope guide tonight’s debate and ultimately inform the resolution of this issue: Equity in funding is needed – public Read more about An OPEN Letter to Orleans Parish School Board: Differentiated Funding, Equity, and Accountability[…]

Lessons from #teachersfirst

Before the September 2015 #teachersfirst planning session, participants were treated to a talk with panelists from schools and community organizations across the city, as well as Dr. Henderson Lewis, Orleans Parish Superintendent. Here are the key takeaways: 1. Teachers want more and better methods of measuring efficacy — for themselves and their students. Every child is Read more about Lessons from #teachersfirst[…]

Classroom Management: A Guide for Teachers

Classroom management is the process by which teachers and schools create and maintain positive behavior of students in learning settings with the purpose of enhancing students’ academic skills and competencies, as well as their social and emotional development. Effective teachers use management not to control student behavior, but to influence and direct it in a Read more about Classroom Management: A Guide for Teachers[…]

Cultural Competence in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers

As the country is becoming increasingly diverse, so are today’s classrooms. Teachers need to have the knowledge and skills to connect with students of all backgrounds. A teacher who is responsive to the unique differences among students and can provide an environment of respect and reciprocity can have a profound effect on student success. Recognizing the Read more about Cultural Competence in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers[…]

Visions, Values and Voice – A Social Communications Toolkit

Check it out — a guide to making waves for your cause from our friends at the Opportunity Agenda, featuring super-powered justice advocate Helvetika Bold! The word “communications” is a necessarily broad term, referring to a range of different strategies and activities. In the social justice world we communicate about issues, big ideas, specific policies, organizations, Read more about Visions, Values and Voice – A Social Communications Toolkit[…]

Participatory research in support of quality public education in New Orleans

In 2012, OPEN joined Drs. Elizabeth Drame and Elise Frattura of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for a multi-year participatory action research (PAR) project to engage historically marginalized populations and parents in a dialogue about their impressions of and hopes for public education, and have released the results of that study in an article in the Read more about Participatory research in support of quality public education in New Orleans[…]

Parent Leader Ty Salvant On Stage @ 4.0 Pitch Night!

Watch FLTI ’15 graduate Ty Salvant present her community project Young Scholars at 4.0 Schools Pitch Night! Homeschooling families have a tough job, and often experience feelings of frustration, isolation and despair. Young Scholars solves this by providing community, flexibility, and accountability in a supportive environment. See the presentation deck here or click above to view the video.


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