SB 137

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Amends and reenacts a bill regarding school discipline practices. This bill adds new definitions and subsections regarding school discipline policies. OPEN is in support of this bill to help move the work forward, but acknowledges the bill has imperfections and should be improved.

HB 53

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Increases requirements for youth suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention in schools, in-service training for school employees, services available to students, and reporting data to the DOE.

HB 337

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Adds protections for teachers and more information about grievance procedures for teachers and administrators who are frustrated by evaluation ratings, including those portions of such ratings derived from the observation and value-added assessment model components.

HB 550

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Provides that the identify of a person making a complaint relative to an early learning center, family child care or in-home provider, or fraud pertaining to the Child Care Assistance Program and related state Department of Education investigation records shall be confidential and shall not be public records.

SB 66

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Retains present law requiring open meetings of public bodies and changes the amount of the civil penalty from $100 to $500.

HB 160

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Requires the collection and reporting of information related to school safety and discipline, including numbers of school resource officers, student suspensions, expulsions, and removals to alternative settings, referrals to law enforcement, and school-related arrests.

HB 482

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Requires schools to involve parents in developing academic improvement plans, decreases time frame for plan presentation from 60 to 30 days, and adds reporting requirements for local superintendents and the state Department of Education.