The Family Leadership Training Institute

A transformative learning experience that equips parents who care to become parents who lead.

What 18 weeks of training in media, advocacy, civic policy, fundraising and more
When 5pm — 8pm Tuesday evenings, September to April
Cost FLTI is offered at no cost to you; your contribution is your time and commitment
Where Rosa F. Keller Library and Community Center 4300 S Broad Ave, New Orleans, LA 70125

Featured Alumni

Kim Dejan (FLTI ’16) — Baking With A Purpose for Local Kids

Remember Mikaela? This 4th-grade firecracker graduated the Children's Leadership Training Institute just last spring. What you might not know is that Mikaela's mom — FLTI graduate Kim Dejan — is making waves too, turning her "Baking With A Purpose" project into free ongoing cooking classes for local kids.

Research data about school-to-work readiness shows that there's a significant lack of resources and counseling for students who don't plan to attend college and haven't chosen a career. Kim designed her project to inspire teenagers to pursue their creative passions, and to promote entrepreneurship as a career option.

+ Kim's Story

“Baking was always something I would do with my grandma growing up,” Kim says. “It’s such a great outlet for kids who may feel like they don’t have a creative passion, or that they’re too shy or too scared to tap into it.

I have no fear in the kitchen. I’m not an educator by trade, and totally out of my element, but I’m doing something that makes me all the way happy. When I’m teaching that class, I’m totally Kim.”

In June’s class at the Rosa Keller Library, kids made sugar cookies shaped like ties and bowties for Father’s Day, and just last week they covered pastries and homemade pop-tarts with several girls from a local group home.

“The calming aspect of it translates to the kids too,” says Kim. “If we make a mistake or not, who cares? Not one part of me is embarrassed. We just keep going. I’m comfortable in my skin, doing what I’m doing, and they start to get into the swing of it too.”

The next steps: going bigger. Kim’s currently seeking out sponsorships from local restaurants and food suppliers, getting supplies to keep the classes free for all kids.

And as for Mikaela? Kim says “She just got her purple belt in karate, prepping for the LEAP test, playing the recorder — keeping busy, and keeping me busy too!”

How it Works

Program Overview

No one knows what children need better than their communities. Now on its fifth cohort, FLTI NOLA is a place for parents and kids to learn about how to address those needs through advocacy, media, government relations, fund development and more. FLTI-NOLA is offered free of charge: in exchange, participants commit to attending classes and completing a community project.

FLTI NOLA is part of a national initiative created to improve the lifelong health, safety and learning of children by helping you develop the leadership skills to make real change – in your neighborhood, schools, communities, and state and local governments. Participants explore their passions, strengths, beliefs and ideas, develop interpersonal and public communications skills, and gain enhanced understanding of democratic leadership.

In our program, participants are also leaders. FLTI parents define the curriculum, participate in its evaluation and mentor the next class, creating a broad base of communal investment. Family supports such as transportation, childcare and meals are included.

The Curriculum

The FLTI curriculum consists of four phases:

1. A retreat for the cohort to exchange ideas and define the mission.
2. A 9-week course on parent leadership.
3. A 9-week study of politics, policy and media.
4. An ongoing community project that puts the training to work.

Session Topics
  • Retreat: Creating a Caring Community for Children
  • Session I: Thriving with Diversity in the Group Process
  • Session II: The Change Process
  • Session III: Parents as Change Agents
  • Session IV: How to Define a Problem and Work Toward a Solution
  • Session V: The Intentional Use of Language
  • Session VI: Learning How a Community Works
  • Session VII: How Local Systems Work and How to Interact with Them
  • Session VIII: Networks
  • Session IX: The Power of the Media and How to Use it
  • Session X: Using Your Voice
  • Session XI: The Life Cycle of the Child and the Functions of the Family
  • Session XII: Social and Economic Trends Affecting Children and Families
  • Session XIII What is Public Policy?
  • Session XIV: How the State Works
  • Session XV: How a City Works
  • Special Session: Practicum Power Session
  • Session XVI: How Do We Understand the Law?
  • Session XVII: Budgets – From Wallets to State – It’s all Money and Priorities
  • Session XVIII: Evaluation, Outcomes and Accountability
  • Session XIX: The Magic of the Unexpected: Forming New Alliances
  • Session XX: Language: Packaging and Moving Agendas


Graduates say what they learn about themselves and the world is life-changing. FLTI has helped more than 1,600 parents across the country make a difference by taking leadership roles in parent-teacher associations, professional careers, community organizations, city councils, and even education boards.

If FLTI is the right opportunity for you, apply today!

Cohort & Alumni

Amauunet Ashe

Amauunet's Project: The Color Garden

Angelia Bell

Angelia's Project: SisterFriend

Vincent Brown

Vincent's Project: Circle Time

Daphne Cross

Daphne's Project: LOTS Academy Community Resource Center

Mischell Davis

Mischell's Project: Unconditional Love Youth Empowerment Group

Marion Dunn

Marion's Project: Knowing Thyself

Hilda Fattah

Hilda's Project: Circle Time

Lillian Henry

Lillian's Project: LOTS Academy Community Resource Center

Wilmarine Hurst

Wilmarine's Project: What About Us? The Forgotten Generation

Katherine Hutton

Katherine's Project: Parents Present

Paul Laugand

Paul's Project: The Village Project

Ratasha Mack

Ratasha's Project: SisterFriend

Crystal Martinez

Crystal's Project: One Saturday Morning

Amelia Pellegrin

Amelia's Project: Grow Gretna

Takena Santos

Takena's Project: The Village Project

Brandie Smith

Brandie's Project: Dinner with Dad

Annette Turner

Annette's Project: Sisterhood Empowerment

Maria Vibandor

Maria's Project: United Families Active Together

K'Shon Booker

K'Shon's Project: Keep It Healthy

Verrina Booker

Verrina’s Project: Dress For Success

Shirley Datus

Shirley's Project:

Tarsha Davis

Tarsha's Project: Be Well Now, Be Well Later

Cassandra Dorsey

Cassandra's Project: Dinner With Me Foundation: Etiquette For Life

Joyce Duncan

Joyce's Project:

Eileen Hawkins

Eileen's Project: Humble Village

Yvette Martin

Yvette's Project: Juvenile Mental Health Resources

Russell Moore

Russell's Project: Recycle for Life's Sake

Alida Murray

Alida's Project: Men Ask for Consent (MAC)

Brenda Pitts

Brenda's Project:

Laurena Rogers

Laurena's Project:

Queen Tyna Scott

Queen Tyna's Project: Nourish the Heart - Nourish the Mind

LeAndra Shipps

LeAndra's Project:

Brandi Thomas Scott

Brandi's Project: The WellBeing Initiative

Remika Breda

Remika's Project: The New Orleans Film Arts Academy

Rosland Brown

Rosland's Project: Home Base

Kanitra Charles

Kanitra's Project: EDCU

Adriene Gill

Adriene's Project: Breathe-a-Rhyme

Briceshanay Gresham

Briceshanay's Project: Art as Healing

Rameisha Johnson

Rameisha's Project: Growing Engagement Together (GET NOLA)

Angela Keller

Angela's Project:

Rebecca Lemon

Rebecca's Project:

Elegra Matthews

Elegra's Project: Glorious Greys

Maria Montoya

Maria's Project: The Power of Play

Lashundal Moore

Lashundal's Project:

Kendra Norwood

Kendra's Project: Teaching Parents and Children Fiscal Responsibility

Megan O'Connell

Megan's Project:

Davetta Ross

Davetta's Project: Samitra's Corner

Ty Salvant

Ty's Project: Homeschool Parent Resource Center

Erin Scott

Erin's Project: Parents Present

Anthonika Gidney

Anthonika's Project: G. U. N. S.: Give Up the Non-Sense

Benita Cochran

Benita's Project: Navigating the Infant to Pre-K OneApp

Delena Lewis

Delena's Project:

Domonique Tyson

Domonique's Project: Meaningful Parks

Duane Gidney

Duane's Project: Restoring Legacies

Gwendolyn Cook

Gwendolyn's Project: Sisters' Outreach: Inner and Outer Beauty

Janice Kimble

Janice's Project: The Children Are Our Future

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer's Project: In the Huddle: Coaching Boys into Men

Katherine French

Katherine's Project:

Kendra Andrus

Kendra's Project: The Curriculum for Your Child

Kim Dejan

Kim's Project: Baking with a Purpose

Lamont Douglas

Lamont's Project: Control the Narrative

Lashandra Caldwell

Lashandra's Project: Project Asset

Marceia Walker

Marceia's Project: Focus On Food Allergies

Marshall Rutledge

Marshall's Project: Magnifying Single Male Parenting

Merline Kimble

Merline's Project: Fantastic Thursday after School

Patrick Anderson

Patrick's Project: Black Men, Come Let Us Plow

Regineka Tassin

Regineka's Project:

Sheana Turner

Sheana's Project: Uniforms United

Sunny Brown

Sunny 's Project: Way Makers/From Girls to Young Ladies

Janay Coffil

Janay's Project: Central City Elderly Community Center

Rosalind Condoll

Rosalind's Project: The Orange Oasis

Anna Dominique

Anna's Project: Empowering Young Girls

Clara Flores

Clara's Project: One Heart at a Time

Sean Hudson

Sean's Project: Community Life Agency

Onassis Jones

Onassis's Project: Another Chance Community Resource Center (ACCRC)

Lorenza Mercante

Lorenza's Project: Toddler Time Out

Brenda Nwoye

Brenda's Project: The Little Red Wagon

Rhea Norman

Rhea's Project: Revitalize from the Root Up

Natalie Reaux

Natalie's Project: Nola's Little Authors

Michael Theadore

Michael's Project: NOLA Youth ICT

Breegan Willey

Breegan's Project: Art Stop


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